Using the CIDOC CRM in Omeka S

Hi everyone,

I’m wondering how I can use the CIDOC CRM ontology in my omeka S website.

I have already imported it as a vocabulary using these information :
name space :
prefix : cidoc

It worked fine !
But I don’t need properties to describe my contents. I only need “entity” fields.

I have tried replacing every class (E) into a “property” (P ) in the rdf file, but of course it didn’t worked.
When I tried to integrate the file in the Omeka S’ vocabularies I had 0 property, and I’m not even sure doing that can really be considered as a “good pratice”…

Actually, I’m working on archaelogical reports and I need to describe them using these fields from the CIDOC CRM :

S19 Encounter / E5 Event
E42 Identifier
E21 Person
E40 Legal_Body
E55 Type
E52 Time Span
E27 Site
E53 Place
A8 Stratigraphic Unit
E22 Man Made Object
E57 Materiel
E25 Man Made Feature
B1 Built Work

How should do ? If you have any idea, let me know.

Thank you for your help

I respect your creativity, but it’s not good practice to change classes into properties. You have better options.

When reading through the CIDOC-CRM definition you’ll find that many properties have a Range that maps to a class (and all its subclasses). For example, P48_has_preferred_identifier has a Range of E42_Identifier. That means that resources can have a preferred identifier that is an identifier resource.

Here’s an example in Omeka: when editing an item, you could point the P48_has_preferred_identifier property to an E42_Identifier item (using an “Omeka resource” value). Alternatively, you could simply enter a literal identifier as the P48_has_preferred_identifier property value. While this doesn’t follow the specification exactly, it’s a common pattern in systems that don’t need the full expressiveness of some data models.

I recommend that you spend some time reading the CIDOC-CRM definition. Take in the Range of properties, particularly those that match the classes you list above. You should find properties that are relevant to your needs, like possibly P52_has_current_owner or P14 carried out by for E21_Person. Good luck!

Thank you for your help, I will use the properties instead.

@Andromede Thank you for providing the nesessary links for the CIDOC CRM ontology import. Additional hint for anybody else: If the file format [autodetect] will not work, choose RDF/XML.