The Daily Theme- Logo and site title together

In all the themes, once you specify a site logo, the site title goes away. I would like to have both. They can be on separate lines if necessary, to make the responsive design work for smaller screens.

Can someone tell me how I can accomplish this or something close?

If you look at view/layout/layout.phtml for your theme, you’ll see there’s a section like

<?php if ($this->themeSetting('logo')): ?>

which defines what to show when the user has configured a logo. As you say, by default all our themes just show the logo. You can add whatever you want onto that, in particular,

echo $this->pageTitle($site->title());

will print the title in a big h1 header.

Ok, after multiple tries I got it to appear but it is messy. Ideally, I would like them on the same line or at least centered.

Here is where I inserted it.

This is the result:

Does that have to do with how I put it into the layout file or is that the CSS?

It’s the CSS.

You can try adding these styles:

.site-title {
    display: flex;
    align-items: baseline;

Thank you, that got things lined up!