Omeka Classic - Display logo and title together

I saw this Omeka S question:

and I have the exact same question for Omeka Classic. I would like to display the logo and the title at the same time in separate lines.

I am assuming for Omeka Classic, perhaps the file to look into is header.php in the Common directory under the theme, but I cannot figure out what to change (and I am not php-savvy). Could anyone point out what part should be changed?


That’s right, you want header.php. In The Daily, you’re looking for the following line: theme-thedaily/header.php at master · omeka/theme-thedaily · GitHub

Omeka Classic has different functionality than Omeka S, so you’ll want to replace the linked line with the following:

<div id="site-title"><?php echo link_to_home_page(theme_logo() . option('site_title')); ?></div>

Then use the CSS Editor plugin to style accordingly. This style should get your the text and images on their own lines.

#site-title img {
  display: block;

Worked! Thank you so much!!!

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