Strange formatting in Centerrow


I’m using the centerrow theme as a base for my theme development, but I’m running into an issue that I can’t seem to figure out. When multiple Other Media or Item Sets are present, it puts this horizontal line after the first and smushes the other two together in a right-aligned section under the line. Example below, where Syllabus, Course Schedule, and Rules and Accommodations are three media attached to this item.

I’ve tried adding breaks after each in item/show.phtml, but it only affected the first item and everything else stayed the same. Any ideas about what’s going on?


Do you have a link to a page showing the issue? This kind of thing is always much easier to pinpoint on a live page than with a screenshot.


Yes, although we’re still very much under construction :grinning:


This looks like a bug in the theme… the simplest solution is probably to put a <div class="values"> </div> around the foreach loops for Item Sets and Other Media in item/show.phtml.


That fixed it, thank you! I opened an issue in the theme GitHub repo to fix the bug as well.