Strange formatting in Centerrow

I’m using the centerrow theme as a base for my theme development, but I’m running into an issue that I can’t seem to figure out. When multiple Other Media or Item Sets are present, it puts this horizontal line after the first and smushes the other two together in a right-aligned section under the line. Example below, where Syllabus, Course Schedule, and Rules and Accommodations are three media attached to this item.

I’ve tried adding breaks after each in item/show.phtml, but it only affected the first item and everything else stayed the same. Any ideas about what’s going on?

Do you have a link to a page showing the issue? This kind of thing is always much easier to pinpoint on a live page than with a screenshot.

Yes, although we’re still very much under construction :grinning:

This looks like a bug in the theme… the simplest solution is probably to put a <div class="values"> </div> around the foreach loops for Item Sets and Other Media in item/show.phtml.

That fixed it, thank you! I opened an issue in the theme GitHub repo to fix the bug as well.

This theme was just updated on April 9th, 2019 and this formatting bug persists even after a hard screen refresh. I have tried fixing it myself but I must not be placing the code bits in the right places.

Could some please post the full corrected code for this file? Perhaps I will have better luck if I just replace the whole files contents.


My code matches up with the file found at Perhaps try updating again?

Hmm, I tried replacing the show.phtml file contents with this and it still misbehaves. Maybe the server is not recognizing the changes to the file.

Thanks for the link, I will keep looking in to it.

Can you show a screenshot of the issue? Modules can add to the output of pages and you may just be seeing something like that, where it’s not the theme’s markup that’s the issue.

Here is a screenshot, I deactivated all my plugins and cleared my browser cache.

To make matters worse, any theme I try has some oddity to it that makes me think something is wrong with my server configuration. For example, in the Default theme, this same item record displays the other media files without any metadata, but it shows differently on the Omeke S Sandbox Server.

My site

Sandbox site

Here is a link to the item page on my site:

Test item on Omeka S Sandbox:

There’s just a site setting for whether item pages should show the media as a list of links or embed them directly: that’s probably what accounts for the difference between the sandbox and your install.

As for the Center Row issue, if you switch back to that theme we should be able to see if we can reproduce the issue and if so what’s happening with the style and markup to cause it.

Thank you! Found the setting you were talking about.

Switched the theme back to center row.

And can you paste the code for the “Other media” part of your copy of centerrow’s items/show.phtml file? The markup on the page is definitely wrong, closing tags in the wrong places.

And/or you can switch to a “clean” copy of the theme.

I will remove the theme and start again tomorrow. I downloaded it from the Omeka S. website but I will try the Github link next.

Hi jflatness. Thank you for trying to help with this issue. I have decided to change tactics when it comes to themes for my sanity and that of anyone trying to help;) i can make small changes, color etc., without issue but the bigger things are quickly over my head.

I have made a new post topic about that here:

I look forward to your input.