Default theme changes for dummies

Hello All,
I have tried messing around with the themes available for Omeka S, and there are too many ways to mess this up for a non-coder with limited access to the backend. So after several false starts with various themes, I am going to stick with the Default theme and asking for help making the changes I need. Hopefully, I will learn along the way. I can figure out how to change colors, etc., but the layout is beyond me, it seems.

So here is the first thing I would like to change about the Default theme:

Browsing layout for items, item sets, page building block, etc.- change from list view to grid view.

While the Daily and Center Row theme has this layout for browsing, there are things about that theme that I would have to change too. Such as I prefer the navigation style on the Default theme to the one on the Daily and Center Row. No matter which direction I go, significant changes are necessary. So I am sticking with the Default and going from there.

This change is the most significant change, I think.

After that, I would like to:
add a favicon
header with both logo and site title
change font for the header site title only
change the item page layout slightly (make it more about the media)

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So perhaps trying to change the Browse layout for the Default theme is too big a change to make.

The Daily has the desired Browse layout, but I prefer the navigation of The Default. When I have a long list of pages in the Daily, the menu just cuts them off and becomes useless. Perhaps it would be easier to bring the navigation from the Default into The Daily?

Anyone able to help with this?