Sorting tags alphabetically

In the administrator area, the tags can be sorted in various ways including making them alphabetical. I was hoping that this selection option in the administrator area carried over into the public view, but it does not. Is there a way to get the tags to sort alphabetically in the public view? I’m new to Omeka, and perhaps I’m just not seeing the option.

Thank you.

You can add a query parameter to your public URL, e.g.

You’d need to edit the link(s) in your theme to make sure users always get to the tags view with that sort order, but that’s probably the easiest way to make the change.

You need to create a file called tag.php or copy the tag.php file in application/views/scripts/items and paste it in to your themes item folder. Add sort($tags); as I have shown below.

$pageTitle = __('Browse Items');
echo head(array('title'=>$pageTitle, 'bodyclass'=>'items tags'));

<h1><?php echo $pageTitle; ?></h1>

<nav class="navigation items-nav secondary-nav">
    <?php echo public_nav_items(); ?>

echo tag_cloud($tags, 'items/browse');

<?php echo foot(); ?>