Problem when copying files into default theme

After installing Omeka with Thanks Roy theme (working fine), I’ve started to play around a bit to customize the installation.
Wanting to sort the tags, I’ve followed the advice found on Sorting tags alphabetically and copied the file tags.php into the items folder of the default theme (themes/default/items), to make changes there.
Refreshing the page, the tag cloud comes out correctly but the normal headers (browse | browse by tag | search) do not. If I delete the file from the items folder of the default theme, all goes back to normal.
It seems like some information is not passed to the tags.php when it’s located in the default theme, while it gets passed when the version is the one in admin/themes/default/items.
Anybody can help?

Ok, found the solution: the file tags.php used by the system is not the one in admin/themes/default/items, but the one found in application/views/scripts/items.
The two files happen to be different, and I’m not sure why there’s a redudancy, but using the second one and adding the sort function has made the trick.
Hope this helps.

“Default” files for public themes are always located in application/views/scripts. The “admin” folder you also mentioned is only for admin views, which often work differently.

Thank for the clarification. I must have skipped some part of the documentation where the different folders are explained, as I had not idea there were so many different versions of the same files.