Shortcode Carousel. Getting started

Hi dear, I’m novice in Omeka. I’ve installed the Shortcode Carousel plugin to insert slide images in simple pages. But I don´t know how to do that. I have also read the plugin documentation.
Should I insert the shortcode directly into html or there is a file in my Omeka installation?
Could you show me an example?
Thank you!

If you wanted to create a shortcode of featured items in a simple page, you would create a line that says


Note that the HTML should not be checked.

Thank you mebrett. Now I can see the slider controls but without images. Might be because I have not set de Imagemagick folder? The server has not that library installed.

If you do not have images for the items which are displayed in the carousel, then the carousel would be empty.

If you want to call specific items’ files, you would use the same syntax as the item shortcode, substituting carousel for where it says items

So this plugin can only be used with Simple Pages?

In general, yes, shortcodes only work on SimplePages. But you might be able to make a carousel block for an exhibit

YES it works in Exhibit Builder!

I am in love with this plugin, btw! It solved a HUGE issue with us.

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