Several problems that may be due to 3.02 upgrade? (Searchbox, and Simple Pages)

  1. The search icon no longer exists, it is just 4 grey squares instead of the magnifying glass
  2. There’s a typo in the search drop-down (French version of site) it says “pein texte” instead of, I assume “plein texte”
  3. In Simple Pages, in the textbox, I’ve some tables, but I can no longer scroll down through the tables, I can’t even click and use the down-button to go to the bottom of the textbox any more. Possible clash with 3.0.2 and the plugin Simple Pages?

Wondering if these are common issues noted after a 3.0.2 upgrade ?

Thanks in advance !


Take a look here (it’s always worth searching the forum for issues similar to yours), as it’s probably an issue with your theme: Fontawsone search button icon missing on public page header

Hi Daniele, thanks, I updated the theme and that fixed the search icon.