Scripto plug in not working

Scripto was working fine for months, but now, users can sign in to Scripto but cannot transcribe. Doesn’t recognize you as signed-in and user cannot sign out.

Did you recently upgrade your MediaWiki installation? The plugin does not work using the newer versions of MediaWiki. If possible use an earlier version, specifically v1.23.15 LTS.

Hi Jim, we ran into this problem with a project at my library, and resolved it by reverting to 1.26. Do you think we should be concerned about the security risks of using an obsolete/deprecated Mediawiki version? I don’t think my institution’s IT department would be happy if they find out about this…

@jgiesber @johnholm I’ve updated the Scripto plugin to accommodate MediaWiki versions 1.27.0+. See the changes and download the “” file here: