Scripto, again

Hi Jim, Sometime after December 11 our scripto plug in stopped working. Could it be the same problem as in July? You can log in to scripto but you can’t transcribe–i assume because scripto doesn’t recognize your log in. What should we do? Thanks, Judy

After logging in to Scripto do you see "Logged in as "? Did the plugin work from July to December after configuring the “MediaWiki cookie prefix”? Has your MediaWiki installation been upgraded or reconfigured in any way?

It has been working since the July fix. When logged into scripto it says “successfully logged into scripto.” But when a user tries to transcribe an item, they get the message "you are not authorized to transcribe this item."
I don’t know of Media Wiki has been upgraded.

Looks like My Wiki was 11/30/2017–version 1.29.2

Underneath the “Successfully logged into Scripto” message, do you see “Logged in as…” or the “Log in to Scripto” link? Check to see if you need to update your MediaWiki cookie prefix in plugin configuration. Perhaps the database name changed during the 11/30/2017 upgrade.

Underneath “successfully logged into scripto” it says “log in to scripto.”

Thanks for that advice.

What should it say in the cookie prefix? There is nothing there now.

It depends on the name of your MediaWiki database. See here for instructions on how to find your cookie prefix:

Thanks, Jim. Will do.

Should like something like this “judygies_mw1_mw”? Still no working.

What is the name of your MediaWiki database? Did you configure MediaWiki to have a table prefix? If so, what is it?

Judy - note that the cookie name requires the trailing underscore, and it might take a few tries to get it right (I think it took me at least three?)

Thanks, Megan. I copied and pasted the database name from Media Wiki. But maybe that’s not the right way to do it?

The database name is “judygies_mw1” Table prefix is “mw_”

Does it work with the trailing underscore? So judygies_mw1_mw_ instead of judygies_mw1_mw? You might also try just judygies_mw1_

GENIUS! Megan, that was it. I added the trailing underscore and presto! Thanks!!

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