Print Item Tag (re-opening old post)

I am hoping to add a clickable button on each item page that will “print display card” or an item label. In other words, I am trying to print out an item’s metadata onto a smaller, notecard-sized rectangle that contains Title, Year, Tags etc that can be used to place in front of the item while on display. Just like you would see at a museum.

Visit Item’s page, Click “Print Label” and it spits out a formatted HTML or PDF document with selected metadata fields.

In researching the possibilities, of course, the Reports Plugin seems relevant. However, I have hit a wall figuring out how to initiate a plugin based on a button click on page that passes item id in the process.

Today I recently came across the Posters Plugin, but am not sure thats the right direction.

This task (printing display cards) must have come up in the past, so I am posting in hopes of getting any information related to these efforts…


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Neither plugin is probably really what you want: Reports is really designed to make a document containing data for multiple items at once and makes them in the background, so hooking it up to a button for each individual item really isn’t a good match. It would be a reasonable option for making one large document that had every item at once, though.

Posters is an extraction of a feature from the older “My Omeka” plugin and is basically a stripped-down version of the “Exhibits” feature: it’s designed to allow users to collect various items on a page, not really for printing (or again for working with single items).

Probably the best solution here would be a plugin that makes a simple HTML page with a print stylesheet for showing the “card”… though it would depend on exactly what kind of content and layout you’re looking for.