Please, help me in developing a multilingual site module


I’m looking for the way to achieve a multilingual site and I know there are people who have done this before.

I need a theme that lets the user to select the language and detects the actual language and a module for these taks:

  • Assign a language to each block when pages are created, in order to show only the visitor’s language ones.

  • For every item, show the metadata in appropiate language.

  • Add options for having all properties in every language of the site (title, page footer, and so on).

For the former (the theme), I’ve found a theme called istanbul made by hajoki in three languages (Turkish, French and English) that has been useful for adaptting to my needs.

I’ve had worse luck with the latter (the module). I haven’t been able to find any public module that implements a multilingual site.

I recently asked for help to euanfergusson in a closed issue ( ). He told he was starting developing a module for internationalization and multilingual sites, but I didn’t realized I was writting on a closed issue, so my question could be unperceived.

Now I open a new thread to ask for help, and I know there are other people interested in the same issue.

Please, let me know your opinions, solutions, contributions and whatever you may consider useful to this matter.

There’s a little built-in support for doing sites in multiple languages, in the form of the site setting that lets you choose the language for the site. So, an option would be to make, rather than different language blocks, different language sites that are parallel. We went this way because then all strings like slugs or tiltles are covered as well, they can differ as appropriate between the different languages.

Then your problem is limited to just showing the right language metadata, which we have some options for doing already with value, and just having the little bit of interface for letting users pick the language they want.

@jflatnes thank you so much for your reply to my question

Could you explain me more in detail how the built-in support for multiple languages in different sites works or give me some examples of use?

I really appreciate your help and attention.