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I have been looking for a while now to create a multilingual Omeka S website (French, Italian, English). I have read several conversations on the subject, but they are old and no solution comes clearly out of them (here for example).

Creating several sites is not enough, as I would like the content of the items to change language as well. In my forms, I indicate, for example, the type of medium or material in several languages (Fr, It, Eng), but all three data are displayed each time even if a language has been defined for the site. For every item,I want to show the metadata in appropiate language.

How can I ensure that the language of the Omeka S website or the browser settings allow the metadata of the items to be displayed only in the language defined?

Here, @jflatnes seemed to have a solution, but the discussion was closed.


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I built the module Internationalisation for that purpose: for documents, only the metadata of the language you need are displayed ; there is a site by language and a way to link pages between sites. Of course, a lot of improvements are possible, but it’s convenient for some sites.

Some people have modules and themes, like what Daniel mentioned, that are helpful for this kind of use. There are features built into Omeka S that allow for things like tagging the values of items with languages, and for in a theme only getting and showing the values of a given language.

We’re also looking at possibly making some improvements in the future to make it easier to do some of this without needing custom themes or modules as much.

Thanks! I saw the module, but I didn’t understand it alors permitted to display the metadata in a choosen language! I’m waiting for an update on my theme to install Omeka 3 (I’m stuck on Omeka 2 right now), so I can’t install Internationalisation right now. Can’t wait to try!

Older Versions of Internationalisation run fine under Omeka 2!

Thanks. I tried to install an older version of @Daniel_KM module, but it says “The composer vendor is not ready. See module’s installation documentation.” I never had this error before.

Did you use the ZIP?

Or via Composer?

I used the ZIP. But I just loaded the module again, and it works this time! Thanks Dan @Daniel_KM and @jflatnes for your time and your answer. I’m sorry I didn’t succeed without disturbing you.

If you want to see it living, you can try (only a few pages and metadata are translated nevertheless).

In my opinion, this question can be solved at the “Theme” level. The metadata supports multiple fields, labeled by language. The current query returns all values, but can be filtered to display only the user-selected language. The theme can include in the configuration the default language, and the alternatives for the user.
Collateral issues:

  • CSV import module, which supports those multiple values per metadata tagged with the language.
  • Other records in the Database that are not labeled by language.
  • Multilingual vocabularies.
  • etc…

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