Omeka S Zotero Import 1.0 beta

I have been testing out, and very impressed with, Omeka S. Thank you to the whole development team.

The Zotero Import successfully installs, and I can easily start an import from an existing Zotero Group (using the API and the required fields, with a designated Item Set, etc.) The imports that I initiative never actually import any items. See screenshot

. I have tried using users, tried with public groups, tried with very simpled group libraries, etc., and yet there are never any items imported. Am I missing something?

I assume that status stays on “Starting” forever?

When you’re stuck on that status, that almost always means there was a problem/error that occurred when when tried to start the background job, and it never got started. Troubleshooting these problems can be a little tricky though.

If you have PHP’s CLI configured to log errors (this is in your PHP configuration, not Omeka S’s) then an error would probably be logged there. By default CLI PHP is often not logged, so you might have to manually set a file to log to in your php.ini. You can also check Omeka’s log, which might have something useful (enable it in config/local.config.php if you haven’t, and then try another import).

If logging doesn’t turn anything up, the next best option is often to try to manually run the job through the CLI yourself to see if any errors or messages are printed. But let’s hope for some useful info from the logs first. We’ve tried to pare down the situations where there’s just a “mystery failure” like this, but sometimes there’s not much we can do to capture the error.

Exactly! I switched the log value to “true” on the local.config.php and just ran another import. So far, the error_log is not registering anything new, though these two errors appeared from two days ago, when I last tried to import:

[23-Jan-2017 22:04:10 UTC] PHP Notice: Undefined offset: 0 in /home/mediacom/public_html/omeka/modules/ZoteroImport/src/Controller/IndexController.php on line 70
[23-Jan-2017 22:04:10 UTC] PHP Notice: Undefined offset: 0 in /home/mediacom/public_html/omeka/modules/ZoteroImport/src/Controller/IndexController.php on line 71

Reclaim Hosting, my shared host, speculated that the issue could have to do with the php- li path?

Do you have to set the php-cli path like you do with previous Omeka? If so it used to be /usr/bin/php-cli on older servers but the one you’re on now is /usr/local/bin/php so maybe that’s the case?

It could certainly be a PHP-CLI path problem.

You can take that path Reclaim gave you and set it in config/local.config.php: There’s a line starting 'phpcli_path' => null, and you should change the null to '/usr/local/bin/php' (including the single quotes).

That fixed it! Thanks so much. I will let the Reclaim folks know too, since I suspect that a significant proportion of (early, at least) Omeka S installations will happen there.