Omeka S version 3.2.0

The latest feature release of Omeka S is out: version 3.2.0. As usual you can download it from

The headline feature here is value annotation. This allows users to annotate their values, or, put another way, make statements about their statements. This introduces the concept of reification to Omeka S, so it’s a significant addition to our RDF implementation. The advantage of value annotation is that, now, users can choose to make ambiguous facts more concrete by annotating things like:

  • Provenance: Where is this fact from?
  • Time: When did this fact occur?
  • Location: What is the location associated with this fact?
  • Certainty: What is the confidence of this fact?
  • Type: What type of concept/thing is this fact?

There are a variety of other features, fixes and changes in this version. See the release notes for more details.