Omeka S Docker image for version 3.0+?


We’re trying to run Omeka S through a docker image. Omeka’s Docker image works for version 1.0.0-beta3, however we want to run version 3.0+ . I turned up this thread, which asks something similar, but it received no answers so I wanted to re-ask.

Omeka S implementers, have you been able to Dockerize the installation of Omeka S 3.0+? If so, please let me know how!

I see this more recent docker image from Digirati, however it’s unclear to me which version of Omeka S can be configured through this. I’m also wondering if the Digirati image is up to date and maintained, as the threads on this (i.e. this one) are from 2017. @RossMcFadyen can you provide clarity on this?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give us!

Gabe Galson

We have our dev instance up with docker (running on AWS) and will be moving our production to that soon. I don’t know how familiar you are with docker, but what I did was use a PHP/apache image - I started with 7.4, 8 may work but I haven’t tested it. From there I installed the necessary packages and made the needed configurations in the dockerfile.

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I don’t have much substantive to add, but I just want to note that the “omeka/omeka-s” Docker image you linked to isn’t “ours”: someone else took that name and posted that without our involvement.

You can find an image for Omeka S 3.0.2 here :
and the Dockerfile is there :
We do not use it in production, so use it carefully.

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For reference, here’s the docker image we’re using on a couple of instances of Omeka S, with tags for the different versions (only the most recent version is kept up to date).

You’ll also find links to the Dockerfile there. I’ve been keeping this reasonably up to the date for the last couple of years, but as usual, this comes without any guarantee on future updates, etc.

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You can use ours. It’s based on php-fpm and nginx and we keep it updated.

Jarrod, julian.maurice, giocomai, and boca, thank you so much for this info! This should get us started.

jflatnes, thanks for the info on the docker I referenced in my original question. We’ll keep in mind that it’s not an Omeka-supported or created product.

-Gabe Galson

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