Docker build for Omeka S

It works with socket-share, external files and and an external database.ini, so one can just replace his docker-install by a new one without loosing database-entries or files. And without git-fiddeling. It downloads all available themes and modules. I hope this is useful for somebody.

(This post moved from an announcement in our GitHub repo for Omeka S)

Hey @patrickmj, Our team at Digirati have been using Docker both in development and production for Omeka-S since around February. You can take a look here, we automatically build it for various versions of PHP (5,7 etc) and update it on each beta increment of Omeka-S

Docker really seems like the way to run this software; I’m a bit of a Docker n00b, however, and was not able to get a custom container up and running. So, thank you for the Docker images.

@RossMcFadyen I wonder if you can share how you have done this? I’m still a little vague on how to get running, especially where to put config data. Here’s my stab at a docker-compose.yml file; I know it’s incomplete, but I’d appreciate any critiques or observations; this would be helpful for me and also anyone else who wants to get a turnkey Omeka S setup working.

version: '3'

    image: mysql:latest
    image: digirati/omeka-s
      - '8001:80'
      - db

Hi @allanberry, Sorry I’ve only just seen this. Do you still require assistance ?

Hi Ross and anyone else,

I’m a total Docker n00b. Have tried it before and never got it working. I’ve installed Docker for Mac. I don’t think it has Docker compose, which someone else has suggested.

Here’s what I’ve done:
$ docker login

$ docker pull digirati/omeka-s

This seemed to complete. When I run
$ docker images
I can see the repository listed.

Now I’ve hit a wall. I need to run the image next, correct? Then access the filesystem through, what, ssh? What are the credentials? I’m currently looking around maybe trying $ docker build
but not really sure what I’m doing.

Any help is greatly appreciated, and if I figure it out I’ll post instructions on what I did here.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @RossMcFadyen, thanks for getting back to me. It’s been a busy several months.

I’m starting to work on this again; I’ve not been immediately successful. If you have any tips at this stage, I’d be happy to hear them. Thanks