Omeka S and MODS?


Has anyone had experiencing using MODS (Metadata Object Description Schema) with Omeka S? I assume it will be possible to create a custom vocabulary, but I’m wondering if anyone already has done this? Or if there are non-obvious obstacles making this harder than it seems?


The Library of Congress provides a RDF ontology. You can import the vocabulary into Omeka S:

Vocabulary URL:
File format: RDF\XML (.rdf)
Namespace URI:
Label: MODS


That’s perfect, thanks!

the current URL meanwhile is:

I am a librarian and new to Omeka S. I am trying to import MODS as a vocabulary in order to add library-related bibliographic fields to our Resource Templates. These are fields that are not found in Dublin Core or we cannot use the DC field for more than one purpose , for example “Type” as the DC use of “type” but also as “genre,” in the bibliographic sense of the term. We also wanted to include staff notes and public notes. I thought MODS might be a possibility, but haven’t been able to import it. Is the Vocabularly URL and the Namespace URI still valid? Are there any known problems with importing this vocabulary?

I successfully imported MODS/RDF using this input (leave everything else blank):

Thanks so much! That worked.

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