Omeka-S: Importing MODS

There is a previous forum post about importing MODS here:

But this refers to importing a really old version (1) of MODS.

Does anyone know how to import version 3.x of MODS?


As far as I know, the Library of Congress does not provide an RDF ontology for MODS beyond version 1. See MODS RDF Ontology


The MODS schema is in XSD:

How can this ontology be imported into Omeka-S?


You’ll need to migrate the XSD to an RDF format. It’s an enormous task, which is possibly why no one has done it yet.

Thanks again!

Is RDF the only format Omeka-S will import?


Yes. RDF (in its many serializations) is the only format that’s compatible with Linked Data standards, upon which Omeka S is built.

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