New Generic module not found

After upgrading to Omeka 4.1.1 I get an alert that a new version of the Generic module is available. The link ‘get new version’ is dead (, and the module is not on the omeka site. Where can I get this module?

Screenshot 2023-05-21 at 18-38-52 Modules · BOSLIT

I managed to find it here. The link from within the ‘modules’ section is not working, and the module is not available on the omeka website.

Edit :I forgot to put the link on ‘here’ above. I meant GitHub.

Version 3.4.43 is available since three months: Releases · Daniel-KM/Omeka-S-module-Generic · GitHub
By the way, all new versions of my modules have three numbers now, but some old ones may have more.

And all releases of my modules are automatically pushed on github via a gulp command (there is a pull request since 2017 for that : Feature/gulp module by Daniel-KM · Pull Request #1159 · omeka/omeka-s · GitHub).

I see that my answer was deleted. I’ll post it again: as I wrote, I confirm that the 'get new version’ on the Omeka modules backend (see my screenshot in the first post) is dead ( ), and also that the Generic module is not available in the ‘modules download’ section of the website. I was able to downlaod it by looking for it in GitHub indeed, as I already said. I just thought it was helpful to flag that the link is dead and that it’s not available on the website, that’s all.

I hope this information can help others.

Yes, there were two issues. Some modules are not on many universities and developers just push them on github. I don’t push all of my own ones too when they are too much specific.

For Generic module, it is mainly used to simplify configuration and installation and features can be integrated in omeka. Anyway, this module is never required, since a copy of it is added in all my modules.

That’s why I maintain too an automatic list of all modules and themes on Omeka S Modules | From Omeka Classic to Omeka Semantic

Understood. Still, the ‘get a new version’ link should be revised, no? :slight_smile: Just my two cents.

Thank you for the explanations and for the link, good to know.

Yes, it’s an issue, the js should be fixed to display another message when the module is not on

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