Latest Search module alerts of new version

I have installed the latest Search module (0.12) and it still tells me that there’s a new version available. What am I missing?

Screenshot 2023-05-21 at 18-42-11 Modules · BOSLIT

Can you list out all the modules you have installed?

When we’ve seen this before, it’s had to do, I believe, with one or more of @Daniel_KM’s modules. My recollection is there’s code in some of those, or maybe just a specific one, that’s intended to deal with an issue related to version checking with modules that have really “long” version numbers with lots of dots in them, as some of Daniel’s modules have.

I think where this ended up is that there was a problem with this version checking code that can result in these incorrect messages saying a new version is available when it’s actually not. I think Daniel made an update to one or more modules that addressed this problem.

Well, I do have this ‘Generic module’ issue. If I can find a new version of that and install it perhaps that might solve the problem.

OK, I’ managed to update the Generic module and that didn’t solve this issue. This is the list of all my modules.

Screenshot 2023-05-22 at 18.22.08

The module Search of BibLibre is not compatible with the module AdvancedSearch that I manage.

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