Neatline 2.6: Image Layer Not Displaying as Default

Hi! I’m using Neatline 2.6, and I was excited to see the addition of options to clearly set an image layer as the default view instead of a Default Spatial Layer. Unfortunately, I’m not able to see the image layer in the default view. In fact, I am unable to see anything in both the public-facing and edit view of the exhibit.

If I change the exhibit settings and select an Enabled Spatial Layer at random I can see my exhibit and my image layer, but the image layer isn’t the default view (the spatial layer is). Has anyone else run into this issue? This is an Omeka install on Reclaim (and I’ve already addressed the tweak mentioned here).

Hi Jim,

Sorry that this isn’t working for you! I want to try to recreate this issue on one of our Omeka + Neatline instances here, but I’d need the image file. Could you email me the URL of the image to rag9b @, please? Thanks!


Thanks! I’ll send the email!

Hi Jim,

I just searched my email for a message from you, but I’m not seeing one. If you sent the image to me, it didn’t make it through.

If you still need assistance with this, could you please send the image or provide me with a link where I can download and test it out for you?


Hi! Just re-sent: let me know if you don’t see it!

Thanks! Got it!

One question up front: which version of Omeka are you using?


Great! It’s Omeka 2.6

Hi Jim,

I’m not able to replicate this in Omeka 2.6, using Neatline 2.6.x. Can you make sure the following is true, under Exhibit Settings for your particular exhibit:

  1. Default Spatial Layer is set to None;
  2. Image Layer is set with a web-accessible value for an image. e.g.

If you do, and it still isn’t working, maybe send me the URL for the image you’re trying to use, if that’s possible? Otherwise, this should work fine. We may have to pilfer through a few other settings in Omeka and your server.

Hi Jeremy (and thanks for all of your follow-up so far, Ronda!)! Yes, default is set to none and the Image layer is an accessible value: the URL for the image is here:

And just to reiterate, I can see the image, but it’s not the default view (the spatial layer is). For further context (if it helps), when I deselect all enabled spatial layers and leave that field blank in exhibit settings, I get a blank display.

Here’s an example of the public view of a Neatline exhibit with your Corgi image (thanks for that, by the way! Cute pup!) and a blank spatial layers field in settings.

And here’s a public view of a Neatline exhibit with the Corgi image set as default and with a spatial layer in that field:

This is for a sandbox I use for workshops and personal dev stuff so I’m fine sharing this link here, but it may provide additional context (especially in relation to Omeka / Neatline setups via Reclaim slash Jim missing something obvious in settings).

What other plugins do you have activated? Seems like your site is trying to load the Google Maps API scripts a bunch of times, and I wonder if you have something else that’s using those scripts. there’s a console error involving those files, and I suspect its preventing Neatline from running.

For what it’s worth, we just made a test exhibit on our Workshop site, that’s running Omeka 2.6.1 and the latest version of Neatline, with your image file, and it’s running OK.

So I"m guessing there’s something in the plugins, or maybe in your own theme, that’s contributing to this error.

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Thanks! I’ll troubleshoot along those lines on my versions of Omeka / Neatline and take a look at plugins and themes. I appreciate the context here: I’ll check back in just to document what the error on my end was on this thread for future reference.

Hi! I was able to find the image clicking around on the zoom (its default display on the page was in the far-top-right, which was why I was staring at a blank screen. So it looks like the image base layer function is working.

However, now I’m running into a different (and kind of worse!) problem: when I adjust the base layer image and attempt to use the “Use Current View as Default” option, I’m told that the save was successful, but then I can’t see the save and , more troublingly, I can’t access the exhibit edit features to create records or styles: in edit mode I just get a blank space where those options once were. I can’t even go back and undo the “Use Current View as Default” option.

I’m not sure if using this option to set the image properly is what’s causing this glitch in the first place, but I don’t know what my other options are for setting the default view on base layer images. I noticed that on the Workshop site you didn’t use those options to center the image: what did you use instead to center it and set it at that view (is it CSS-related?).

These issues seem similar to what’s been documented on this forum post: the conversation there suggests that this issue was resolved with the 2.6 release but I’m using 2.6.1 and running into what’s described by Teresa there.

I think the last version of Neatline I was able to use base image layers successfully on was 2.5.1 (on this project) : it looks like that version is not available on the Omeka plugins page but it’s on GitHub. I’m doing some spec work now so I might switch out to that version and see if it works for now, but I’d obviously want to use the latest version since it’s supported for a few years.

Happy to give more details!

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