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I am experiencing an issue similar a Theresa here: to Neatline static image layer won't show and James here: Neatline 2.6: Image Layer Not Displaying as Default

I am using a static image layer in Neatline with Omega 2.6. I ticked “Use Current View as Default” to center my image and am now unable to see exhibit editing tools.

In public view, my image appears (still not centered) but when I click on my SVG layers, no records/text appears as it should.

This issue also occurred after I made theme changes, but I have switched back to the original theme since (The Daily) with no improvement. I have the below plugins activated.

It seems that Theresa’s issue from August 2016 was addressed with a 2.6 release. James’ May 12 issue, however, refers to 2.6.1. His inquiry was recently closed. Thank you very much for any assistance.

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Hi! Just chiming in with an update from my end: I know that @jeremyboggs was able to get the static image working without much issue on the Workshop site and that he believed a plugin or theme issue was likely causing the error (the theme I was using at the time was The Daily, which it sounds like was a theme in the mix here too). The project I was working on ended up being OK with using Google map layers to annotate and curate their spatially-oriented work, but we also went that route because of the issues we were unable to resolve, and I’ve been a little hesitant to recommend the static image layer option when I’ve discussed the (many other!) benefits of Neatline as a tool in recent on and off-campus conversations.

The problem sounds quite similar to this old Neatline bug report which pointed the finger at the PHP setting allow_url_fopen needing to be enabled on the server.

James, thank you very much for updating about your project. I am glad to hear that some issues were resolved with some plugin/theme changes. I have already moved away from The Daily for other user-experience related reasons, but have not had any luck restoring my Neatline records or editing panel. It is a shame that the static image layer never ended up working out for you.

@jflatnes thank you for directing me to this solution. I will contact an IT specialist with access to our server to request these settings adjustments.

It seems there were some changes designed to avoid this problem… (based on the other thread you linked to, I think) so it’s probably not exactly the same as that earlier issue.

There’s another wrinkle that could be related… the image you’re using is an https url… at least from here it causes a Forbidden response, while the http version doesn’t. That could be related to why Neatline is having trouble reading the dimensions of the image.

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