Is Classic Still Supported?

Hi! I’m admin for a server hosting various LAMP applications. One of which is Omeka Classic v2.6.1.

I just want to confirm that Omeka Classic remains supported. Meaning that, if any security vulnerabilities are discovered, it will be patched against those vulnerabilities by its developers and a new release made available for install by users.

I ask because it has now been a year since the last patch to Omeka Classic. After such a long span, one can begin to wonder if nobody is minding the store (or, of course, there just hasn’t been any need to patch!).

Can anyone confirm that support for Omeka Classic continues. Is there a planned End-of-Life date?

Best Regards,


Yes, Omeka Classic remains supported. As we stated in the FAQ, we continue to develop for both Classic and S; while we have not had a release recently, one is coming, and you can alway track development activity on GitHub

Thank you! Sets my mind at ease!

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