Internationalisation Module and Site Duplication


We’ve done some testing using the Internationalisation module (by Daniel Berthereau, v3.4.11) and are considering using it as a way to have more than one version of a site while in-development before being put into production. I know this isn’t exactly the use-case it was designed for but it does seem to offer a fairly straightforward way of a duplicating a site, as well as offering fairly granular control over what’s to be copied. So far, I haven’t seen any downsides. The copied site appears to be completely independent of the original (see Duplicate a site or page); I can delete the source site if it’s no longer needed. However, I was curious if anyone else was using the module in this way and if there were any potential downsides we hadn’t considered or might not yet have encountered.



Carl Jones
MIT Libraries
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Information Technology Services
Enterprise Systems

The idea of this feature is to create a way to manage a group of sites, but for now, only the duplication is managed, so each site remain independant. For the module, in the future, the aim is to manage all params in one place, except the locale. This solution is needed, because in Omeka, there is one language by site, so if we want a switcher for pages (and not only a button that goes to the home page), there should be a group of sites. For now, there is no real groups, it’s only a copy of all params of the sites, so there is no link with the first site, so you can use it as an independant dev site.

That’s helpful to know. Good to have the site duplication functionality which we’re most likely to use in development mode (even if it’s not exactly the intended use case). Also interesting to hear about plans for future development.

Thanks, again.