HTML5 Media Plugin

I’m new to Omeka.
I wish to include some mp4 videos as items in my site and have added the HTML5 Media plugin.
Problem is I can’t find any direction as to what to do next. Is there a shortcode that I use somewhere? or just use the html video tag?
I’ve searched the web and can find no help on this.


HTML5 works with the media you upload for your items.

I have installed the plugin, created a new item and added an MP4 video file to the item.
When I go to the public view of the item I have a video icon. when I click it I’m offered a dialog box to download the video.
How do I get the video to run? is my question.


Could you send a screenshot? Or a link to the page if it’s publicly available?

Some of the themes have a “gallery” setting which always displays files as thumbnails. That could explain why you’d see an icon rather than the video. There are some other possibilities too, but that’s probably the most likely one and the easiest to fix: just turn off the “gallery” setting in your theme’s configuration under Appearance.

That did it. Thanks so much.


I should give you more details - I was so excited that the solution was so simple.
I’m using the theme “Thanks, Roy”. The Gallery option was checked. I unchecked that box and now the video displays and will play on the item page.

Link to page:
We’re just getting started with this project so kinda feeling our way along.


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