HTML5 Media Plugin not working in Big Picture theme

I installed the HTML 5 Media Plugin, and tried to find a gallery setting to disable in Appearance per this old ticket: HTML5 Media Plugin in the Big Picture theme without success (don’t even see this option and the ticket referred to Old Roy).

It still has no video controls or way for folks to know how to watch it. Why is this not working.?

Weaving the walls · Harry Roseman: A Chronicle (MP4)

Can you check within your theme’s theme.ini file for the version? It looks like you may be using an older version, and this issue may have been addressed since its release. The latest version for Big Picture is v1.5.3.

Yes. I downloaded it this week.

author = “Omeka Team”
title = “Big Picture”
description = “An image-centric theme geared towards art historians and students.”
license = “GPLv3”
website = “
support_link = “

Thank you for that. I’m preparing an update for Big Picture that significantly revises the gallery. If you can wait a few days for us to test the bugs, we should have a new release that addresses your issue.

Do you you know when the new release will be available?

We’re wrapping up testing on it this week. You should see a release within the next couple days.

We just released the latest version of Big Picture. Its updated gallery should support HTML5 video. Please try it out and let us know if you encounter any issues.

Huge improvement! Thank you so much. Looks great.

Found one issue. The actual record view with the controls looks great. However, is there a way to have a default thumbnail for video in the collection browse pages? Right now only the title is visible. See: Friends and Acquaintances: 2017 · Harry Roseman: A Chronicle

I’m glad the updates helped! I see what you mean, the video thumbnail fallback isn’t appearing on the collection pages. I’ll release a fix for that, along with a couple other updates, in a new release that should be out in the next couple days.

Hi, I wanted to give a heads up that the latest fix release v1.6.1 is now available to download here.

Wonderful! Thank you!

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