How to create and install Omeka everywhere mobile?


is there somewhere a tutorial to explain how to create and install the mobile app Omeka everywhere. I tried with Qt but a step by step help would be great !

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To load your content into the mobile app, first download the Omeka Everywhere app from the app store/play store.

Once you have installed the app, they open it and go to Settings, click on Omeka Sites and enter the url of your Omeka website in the Add New Site field

OK, thank you for these explanations but I already do it…
I thought it was possible to custumize the app (change logo, …) with QT creator as it is explained here.
It is a more detailled tutorial for this that I need.

Other thing, as I say in an other topic, there is an issue with new tags and its really a problem…

Thank you…

It might be worth making an issue on the github repo for this as well, in addition to the one Sharon recommended you create.

The Build Instructions on here explains how to build the Omeka Everywhere app step by step. It is open source code in Qt. You can customize it by editing the code on your side. Here is the tutorial of QML.(

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