New tags in Omeka everywhere



is there a solution to the issue discribed in this topic three years ago ? It’s really a limitation to find its records in Omeka everywhere mobile app…
Thank you !


How to create and install Omeka everywhere mobile?

As the answer to the topic you pointed to suggests, the question was answered on the Open Exhibits forum:

That’s also the best place to direct the questions about the mobile application, since it was programmed and produced by the team at Ideum.


The problem is that exhibit forum seems closed… So there is no support to help to te use of mobile application, except Omeka community…:disappointed_relieved:


The other option is to make an issue on the documentation repository in github:


Can you describe more specifically what you want to do with the Omeka everywhere mobile app? Thanks!


When I use the app on my mobile, I can see 16 tags while in Omeka classic I have 77 tags…
So when I create new tags, I can’t see it and the search of the items is not easy…