Home Page Customization

I want to customize my main home page (the main root Omeka S page, not an individual site home page) where it lists the names of the sites and “Go to the Admin dashboard…”.

Are there any examples or best practices for doing this? Are any other users doing this? Should I just make my own customizations to application/view/omeka/index/index.phtml and make sure that I don’t write over it the next time that I upgrade? Or is this against the intention of the software?

Right now since I don’t know how to style this main home page, and since I only have one site (for the moment), I am going to just direct viewers to my s/[site]/page/home page. But further down the road, it might be nice to have a more styled Omeka S landing page with links to all of my individual pages. Please share any guidance or tips!

If you want to redirect it to your existing page, you can use the general setting "Default Site’ to redirect people from your url to that site.

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Thanks. That will work now while I have one site, but I plan on creating more. It would be good to have a styled landing page with a list of public sites when I have more than one site.

I haven’t tried, but I think you can create themes/YOUR_THEME/view/omeka/index/index.phtml file.

Themes are able to personalize appearance preserving Application files. Of course, you need to preserve the file when updating your theme (especially if you aren’t the author of your theme). :wink:

I gave this a quick try, and it did not work, unless I made some mistake.

Plus, I don’t see how this would work if you have multiple themes enabled for different respective exhibits; if multiple exhibits had a [theme]/view/omeka/index/index.phtml file, how would Omeka S know which one to display?

You’re right.

You can add the following config key, it works:

'view_manager' => [
 'template_map' => [
    'omeka/index/index'           => __DIR__ . '/../themes/index.phtml',

Of course, you can personalize template path and content :wink:

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Can you please confirm which file this config key should be added?
I tried it in ./config/local.config.php with no success.

All good, this is the correct file to place the key into.
I had a small typo.


The “Default Site” setting option is still a viable solution for me in production, but when I add new sites, my plan is to simply create a new HTML page with a list of sites, and use .htaccess or my server configuration to redirect there.