Home Page Customization, Revisted

As far as I can tell, this was never answered:

I too am wanting to customize our Omeka-S landing page:


Right now, I just want to add a logo and some text to this landing page.

I found at the very bottom of the following documentation a clue:


" You can use the Default Site option in conjunction with the site page block “List of sites” to create a branded site index and to add an about page for the overall installation."

[A Clue, no details though (and the link there is broken)]

How can I add a logo and some text to the default “List of Sites” Omeka-S landing page?

MUCH appreciated!


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Thanks for letting us know you found a broken link. I’ll get it updated.




Based on this, I am starting to think that the baked-in, default landing page of Omeka-S cannot be customized. Rather. one must create a new Site that consists of this List of Sites Block, then promote it to the front, i.e., make it the new Landing Page, replacing what’s there?


That would be the easiest approach.

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