Feelers for supporting an Omeka Classic site with lots of custom work

Hello! I work for a small public library that has, courtesy of an amazing developer who is a friend of the library, a pretty neat Digital Archive site built using Omeka Classic with many custom plug ins. While we are still fully supported by our original developer, we are starting to put out feelers to see what sort of support we could get in case he is ever unavailable to support our site. We are looking for a developer who could help us (not that we are looking to hire now, just curious!) run updates, monitor the site, etc. Please reach out to me if you would need more information for an answer!


Hi Sadie,

We are a UK-based web agency with lots of Omeka experience. We offer customized maintenance and support for Omeka sites, depending on the size of the site and specific needs. Feel free to get in touch at hello@artefacto.org.uk if you’d like more info. Thanks!


I am John Hoinville from Alfa Jango. We have worked extensively with Omeka-S and similar software like WordPress and Blacklight. See an overview of our company and some of our work. In addition, we are a full-service development team with a team of designers, business analysts, and project managers.

If you are interested, I can be reached at john@alfajango.com. Thanks.