Alfa Jango / We know Omeka-S and can help!

Alfa Jango has deep experience building complex Omeka-S, WordPress, and Blacklight sites. We have worked extensively with Wayne State Libraries and the University of Michigan to create amazing digital archives. Our services include Omeka-S setup, customization, custom modules, custom development, and design work. We have a designer and graphic artist on the team. Some of our work includes:

  • Walter Reuther Digital Archives: This is an Omeka-S site created for the Walter P. Library and Wayne State Library (launched 2023).

  • Wayne State Libraries / Bridging the Gap: This is an Omeka-S site created for Wayne State Libraries and funded by the NHPRC (National Historical Publications And Records Commission) (launched 2023).

  • Michigan Memories: Michigan Memories provides access to collections from cultural institutions throughout the state of Michigan. This is a Blacklight site using Solr and REPOX (launched 2018).

Please let me know if you need support or are considering a new project. Contact me at 248.568.0570.


Thanks! We should connect. Where are you located? Are you in the Detroit Area?