Failure to append properties with identifier, v. 2.1.1

Hi, I am trying to CSV-import-append properties to an existing record, using a CRM-CIDOC “is identified by” metadata for the match. It won’t, claiming that “The following identifiers are not associated with a resource and were skipped”. It is a problem similar to this: Import media to existing items Only I am trying to append information to an existing record, not media. I am using version 2.1.1. When I try the same with the system id it does import the info, but would like to skip the exporting of the systemid-cidoc-crm-is identified by matching table.
Am I doing something wrong, or maybe just updating versions would do the trick. I am reluctant to update, because EVERYTHING else works perfect.

So, in the thread you’re linking to, the issue was just that the mapping was not set correctly for what that user wanted to do.

Can you share

  • at least one of the “skipped” error messages, in full (so it includes the listing of identifiers it skipped)
  • the way you have configured the mapping page and advanced import settings for the importer
  • an example of the admin show page for an item that should match but isn’t?

Screenshots should work well for those examples I’m asking for.

That info should let us figure out if there’s just something that needs to change in how you’re doing your import, or if there’s something else happening here.

The error message:
2023-04-02T13:01:16+00:00 INFO (6): The following identifiers are not associated with a resource and were skipped: “MELQMORSOBRE02”.

In the first screenshot you see the record I’m trying to enrich with additional information, the property “is identified by” is set to “MELQMORSOBRE02”. I checked, and there are no spaces after the string.

Here’s how I configured the import to append metadata to an existing record. The problem is, every time I tried, it skipped the record.

I’m not sure if it’s just a matter of this being a bug with the older versions you have available to you on that version of the Omeka S core… your setup looks good from what I can see.

The only thing jumping to mind as far as a simple misconfiguration would be something like, if you had multiple “is identified by” properties loaded in your system and you weren’t using the same one in both of these places.

Thanks, I was afraid you’d say that. I’ll try the update and report back.