Error message on Omeka site

I have recieved an error message on my Omeka sections for my websites and
“# Omeka has encountered an error
To learn how to see more detailed information about this error, see the Omeka Codex page on [retrieving error messages]”

The Omeka section of my site does not come up. I reached out to my Dreamhost and this what I was told:

"It looks like your site’s code is not yet compatible with PHP 7.2. Your
Omeka content such as plugins and themes versions are not compatible with
the actual PHP version. The older version PHP 5.6 was removed due to end
of support from PHP side.

In this case, you will need to check your Plugins and Themes versions and
install the newer ones that should be compatible with PHP 7.2 . If the
plugins or themes are too old and they do not have a compatible update
you may need to replace those."

Even though I built my sites a few years ago, this seems to be beyond my technical capabilities. Can you please help? What do I need to do to restore the Omeka sections of my sites?

It sounds like you need to upgrade your Omeka sites - instructions for doing so are here: As the message from your hosting company says, you’ll want to upgrade your plugins and themes as well.

ok thank you, I’ll try that out

how do i find out which version of Omeka I am running on my sites and Is there a way to get into the admin side of these sites even though I am getting the error messages/

I think at this point you’re best off just upgrading to the latest version of Omeka Classic. Be sure to follow the instructions. Maybe ask your hosting company about making a backup, if you don’t have one already, before you move forward.

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before i upgrade to omeka classic, don’t i need to upgrade to 1.2.1 first? thats what the instructions say…

Looking at the instructions this may be a bit over my head. How can I find someone to do this for me and what would it cost approximately?

When did you first create your Omeka sites?

Seriously, years ago… is probably at least 7 years old, maybe older… and at least 3-5 years ago

You can tell what version is being used by looking at the files on your server(s): there’s a line listing an OMEKA_VERSION near the top of the file bootstrap.php in the top level of your Omeka folder. If you have a quite old installation, the same line is instead in a file called paths.php.

I am trying to backup my database by using PHPMyAdmin (“mysql” looks too complicated). When I click on the link Backing up Your Database
there is nothing on that page except an error message ( “403 Forbidden”). what should I do?

I am trying to Deactivate my plugins in Settings > Plugins of the administrative panel in order to upgrade the omeka section of my website but I can not access the administrative panel because of the error message I am receiving. That would be What should i do?

Did you end up getting to the “backing up” page?

You can continue without deactivating your plugins. If you want, you can move the plugins out of the way (say, into a “plugins-old” folder) and this will have the effect of deactivating them.

As far as the “backing up” page, there is nothing there but that “403 forbidden” message. here is the page I was sent to -

Well the reason I asked is that the page you’re linking to doesn’t show a 403 error for me, it just links on to another updated location for the same document.

ok, so what can I do… is there a way you can email the document to me?

Forget that, I uploaded the new version of Omeka to my first site and transfered the old files but I still made some type of mistake because the “items” page won’t even come up. Is it possible you can tell me what I did wrong and how to correct it?

Did you put it in the folder “omeka”? Normally those 404 error pages just mean an issue with the .htaccess but it doesn’t seem to me that anything under “omeka” is acting like anything is there at all.

The default name of the folder from an Omeka zip includes the version number. You might need to change that folder name if you just left it as it was.

I would recommend that you have a backup before you try to upgrade the database, though. The updated location of that Wordpress document was linked in my earlier message from 3 days ago.

I contacted my hosting company, Dreamhost, and they assured me they had a backup of my site.