CSV import module error


in Omeka S an error occurs when importing a csv file:

Service with name “Omeka\Cli” could not be created. Reason: Neither “proc_open()” nor “exec()” are available.

Is there any way to bypass the fact that the hosting provider has disabled proc_open().

I cannot display system information due to an error. How can I manually configure the ImageMagick installation? Which files should I modify?

Many thanks in advance for your help.


You’re going to have some similar answers on a couple of your threads.

CSV Import runs as a background job by default, so it can handle big files that might take a long time to finish importing. Here, your server has disabled both of the functions we can use to start a background job, so CSV Import can’t run. Your question about Classic’s CSV Import has a similar answer.

Here’s a link to a post where I describe a setting you can set in your local.config.php file to make the “background jobs” not actually run in the background. (it’s the part I call “The other option, if your server just can’t run background jobs”)

This will avoid your issue with these functions being blocked, but will mean you’d need to stick to smaller imports that will complete in a shorter amount of time. Switching hosts to one that allows these functions is also a possible route, if that’s feasible for you.