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I’m sorry if this is a stupid question. I’m trying to add rights statements to existing items in Omeka S. They already have our local institutional rights statement and I have a csv with all of the appropriate RightsStatements.org statements and URIs in the format http://rightsstatements.org/vocab/InC-EDU/1.0/ In Copyright - Educational Use Permitted etc. When I try to do this with CSV Import, it says that the items were updated but nothing happens. Is the append feature just for adding new fields? Since there is already a dcterms.rights field, is it not possible to add an additional dcterms.rights field? Ideally it’d look something like this, with our text and then a RightsStatement using the Rights Statement module:

Is this something that is possible to do using CSV import?
Thanks so much for any help–

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I found this bit finicky. (CSV Import + RightsStatements modules: using Rights Statement datatype in import)

If you’ve already added at least one dcterms:rights statement (as in the “Users assume all …” text statement in your screenshot) you WOULD normally need to Append a second statement, you’re right. I think if you accidentally selected Append instead of Update you would make a second entry if there was already a first one … if things were working normally.

I tested it, and appending doesn’t do anything. For me it actually wiped the existing information and just totally cleared the field.

SO I suspect what you’ll need to do is put all your rights information back into your import CSV, then import it with a multi-value separator selected as well.

You should be able to submit the URIs and statements in a single cell, select the right data type from the Configure menu on the field (the wrench icon), select your multivalue separator in the next tab (if you have long text entries I suggest a pipe | character), and Update or Revise (not sure it matters which).

If there are problems at this step, I didn’t have any luck with bulk-converting the data type later. And I imagine that will be doubly difficult for you if you want multiple entries.

My last word of warning is check to see if other information gets wiped when you do an Append or Update or Revise. In my case, all my location/mapping data and date fields got wiped whenever I did other changes.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to reply! This is really helpful. Thanks for the advice about making sure no other information is getting wiped while doing an append etc. I ended just re-importing everything, and including one dc.rights column with the text “Users all…” and then another column rightsuri with the Rights Statement data that I mapped to dc.rights as well, and that import worked the way I hoped it would. Really appreciate your time.

“Append” should be just adding the extra values as you’re expecting. We’ll look into whether there’s a bug with how CSV Import is handling appending that’s causing this problem.

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