CSV Import + RightsStatements modules: using Rights Statement datatype in import

I’m importing metadata using the CSV Import module. My CSV file contains a column where all values are RightsStatements.org URIs. We have the Rights Statements module installed and in use, and would like to import this column with the data type “Rights Statement.”

However, I don’t see the option to select “Rights Statement” in the CSV Import column options:

With both the CSV Import and Rights Statements modules active, should the Rights Statement datatype be available in CSV Import options? Or would this be a new feature?

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. The Rights Statement module actually predated the inclusion of a range of module-driven data types in the CSV Import, so it doesn’t work with the importer. But, we’ve added the Rights Statement endpoints to the Value Suggest module, which is where they should probably reside with all the others. We’re testing that implementation now, but you’re welcome to grab the branch and give it a spin: https://github.com/omeka-s-modules/ValueSuggest/tree/rights-statements

Also, I released a new version of the Rights Statements module: v1.2.0 supports CSV Import in the way you’re using it: supply the full statement URI as the cell content.