Contributions - Hide Private Submission option

I’m running Omeka Classic 3.1.2 with the guest and contribution plugin 3.3.

I want to remove the option for a user submitting to select the Keep Identity private.

Although having submitted identical items one with Keep ID private and one not, once i’ve moderated the item and published it to the public page, I cannot see what checking this box does apart from adding Anon in the contribution items menu

So should I just remove that option too, I have follow the steps here:

Which work for that public option but will it work for removing the keep my identity option too?

Thanks in advance!


For future reference, the below code hides the make public option and sets it automatically to be public and hides the option of being able to submit anonymously while making the submission always non-anonymous:

        <fieldset id="contribution-confirm-submit" <?php if (!isset($type)) { echo 'style="display: none;"'; }?>>
            <?php if(isset($captchaScript)): ?>
                <div id="captcha" class="inputs"><?php echo $captchaScript; ?></div>
            <?php endif; ?>
            <div class="inputs">
                <?php $public = isset($_POST['contribution-public']) ? $_POST['contribution-public'] : 0; ?>
                <input type="hidden" name="contribution-public" id="contribution-public" value="1">
            <div class="inputs">
                <?php $anonymous = isset($_POST['contribution-anonymous']) ? $_POST['contribution-anonymous'] : 0; ?>
                <input type="hidden" name="contribution-anonymous" id="contribution-anonymous" value="0">

When users click the “Keep identity private” box, it replaces the name shown with “Anonymous,” but only for visitors. You won’t see a difference if you’re logged in an looking at the admin interface.

Thanks for the headsup, That wouldnt be a problem but I noticed it changes the citation link (for visitors) as it removes the user name from it, I’d like to keep that as we are a uni so the items we are hosting might be referenced.