Contributions- eliminate private contributions

I’m using the contributions plugin for a community-based Covid-19 collection project. Though the Terms of Service includes public display, the user encounters the option to keep submissions private. I’d like to remove this private option and struggling to find a way to do that. Any ideas?

Hi all! I got some help from a colleague on this and sharing in case others have the same issue. Here’s how my colleague removed the “Publish my contribution on the Web” checkbox:

I went to: site /plugins/Contribution/views/public/contribution and then,


Scratch that! Now no submissions can be made.
If anyone has any thoughts or insight, it would be much appreciated.

Hello Molly.

Never used the plugin, but I’m checking its code now and I would say you might try replacing those two lines with this:
<input type="hidden" name="contribution-public" id="contribution-public" value="1">
This should set the value to 1 (= public) for every new contribution.

Watch out, because it might be that users can still edit their contributions in a different plugin page.

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