Collections show, why not call browse items?

I am having a hell of a time with the Collections show page, but I’m realizing now that it might have been easier and more direct to just call on the items/browse?collection=XX feature (seen at the bottom of the Collection show page, ‘View all ### items’ or similar).

I think the devs have a disconnect here between what was intended and how people want to use it. You can see, for example, many people wanting to display more items on the show page. But it was apparently designed as a preview without stating that it’s a preview for the full list of items in a Collection.

Why not just call the browse items of that collection after the Collection description metadata? Why have an extra preview page that people want to turn into the full list anyway? Can it be done reasonably?

Interesting question…

Some collections have significant which the site creators want to make sure is available; skipping straight to browse items would be less useful for them. So it’s less of a “preview” page in that case and more of “useful information about this collection” (creator, historical context, scope and content, name of conference, etc etc)

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