Collections show page

I have a few remarks concerning collection show page (…/collections/show/xxx).
I find it a bit unintuitive: there is a header there “Items in the xxx collection”, and below there are a few collection items. However, neither the header nor the (lacking of) pagination below the items suggest that the list does not actually include all the items. Is it possible to configure this view somehow, or the only way is to amend the code (application\views\scripts\collections\show.php file I suspect)?

I use Omeka 2.5.1 with Berlin theme.

You could go to the theme’s settings and increase the number of records shown per page, though that runs a risk of performance issues, as it will apply to many search queries. The link on the “Items in the xxx collection” is meant to provide the pagination you are looking for. As you suspect, a modification to the show.php page could bring in pagination there, though it would involve some complexity.