Class and Type - how to set up DC Type vocabulary in the Type property as dropdown?


I’m new to Omeka and confused by Class and Type. Class has preloaded vocabularies including DC Type vocabulary. However, Class data does not show up on items on the front-end Site. In order to show item types on the Site as well as to have an actual Type field, I have added Type property in my resource template. I have ValueSuggest module installed but there is no DC Type vocabulary there. How do I have a dropdown menu of DC Type vocabulary in the Type field like it is now in Class? Class and Type look redundant to me, though. Why Class doesn’t appear on the Site pages?

Thanks for your help!

I’m confused about the difference between these, too.

In the edit-item page, Type is described with a dc equivalent:


while Class gets a textual description:

A type for the resource. Different types have different default properties attached to them.

(Note that Class is confusingly defined as a “type”.)

Class appears more prominently overall: it comes near the top of the properties; it’s the one in the standard items view, and it’s a default field in the Resources page. Yet type is the field that shows up on the item page, as @iwaseka notes, and it’s the one with the dc definition.

It’s not clear to me why Class and Type are both there, I guess.

Edit: Just saw DCMI Type Vocabulary in Class and Type