Bilingual web site


I’d like to know if you have any instructions on installing a bilingual module for our site, as we would like to have a bilingual website under the Omeka S interface. Additionally, we would appreciate examples of websites that have been created using a bilingual module.

Thank you and have a great day.

Hello Virginie,

Admin side, the user interface language is based on user preferences. Users have a default setting based on the installation locale, but can change (or request a change of) their displayed language for the overall UI.

Site side, there is a site locale parameter, + an option to only display resource values based on this locale. You don’t need any module to create a site in a specific language, but you’ll need to create one site for each language you want to display.

You can have a look at for an example of a collection displayed in two languages across two different sites.

Hi Virginie,

I summarised what I believe are the current options in an earlier post, see Is there any module for translation in Omeka s - #2 by jlayt.

Note that the multilingual site I was building has stalled due to funding issues, but we hope to get going again soon so our new module may be an real option at some point this year.