Is there any module for translation in Omeka s

Hello i am looking for a module/plugin in order to translate my whole omeka s pages.

Generally, OmekaS is designed for single language use and multiple languages require using one of two approaches.

There is a module called Internationalisation (Daniel-KM / Omeka-S-module-Internationalisation · GitLab) that duplicates each site for each language required and you manually go through and edit each block on each page into the the language required. Users then switch languages using a switcher. That kinda works OK for small sites that change little over time, but it’s a lot of work when you have many languages and/or many pages or regular changes.

The alternative is to create your own multilingual theme where you make templates for blocks/pages that call the translate methods on your text, and you can include standard translation files for text or html that can be loaded. I think Omeka S - Multilingual is an example of this that builds on the Internationalisation module. Downside is you now have to write templates and lose some of the ease of page builder UI. It also needs manual language switching by the users.

For a site I’m building that supports a dozen languages and regularly changes page content, I’m taking another approach. I’ve created a new module called Multilingual (The ARK Project / omeka-s-multilingual · GitLab) that will detect and use the users browser language if available, has a language switcher, and will offer replacement blocks for translatable HTML entry etc, reducing the need for a separate theme. It’s not ready yet, but feel free to look for ideas.

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