Bi/multilingual toggle plugin?

Hi all,

I am looking to make my Omeka site available in English and Spanish. I am wondering if anyone knows of a plugin (either registered with Omeka, standalone on github, etc.) that allows for the display of custom translations of metadata through a toggle button. What I have is a set of metadata fields for all my items/collections/exhibits in English and Spanish that I’ve translated myself. Ideally, the plugin I’m looking for would make the override of auto-translation (e.g. via Google translate) possible and instead display my custom translations for metadata, while still relying on auto-translation for non-metadata items.


I’m not sure how close these get to your specific needs – language switching is always difficult, but there’s Switch Language and Locale Switcher that you could try.

I see this in the install documentation "Put the following code in your theme files: <?php echo $this->localeSwitcher(); ?>" but which theme file does it go in? Thanks!

It looks like any and all of the theme files for where you want the switcher to appear, items/show.php, 'items/browse.phpfor example. You might even experiment with putting it inheader.php` but that might call for bonus customization.

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