Bilingual search function?

Hi all,
I’m the in-house archivist for a small non-profit, and I have a question about the functionality of Omeka. I’m currently putting together a collection of materials from a Honduran nun, and I need our archive to be bilingual–more specifically, I need our search function to be bilingual. If someone searches ‘gato’ I need results for ‘cat’ to come up and vice versa. Users will be both English and Spanish-speaking, so some sort of translation will be in order. I’m new to Omeka, so I don’t know
a) if this is possible at all and
b) if this will involve making every entry twice.

I didn’t see anything about this in previous posts, but if there’s some sort of guide on the topic, please send it my way.
Thanks for the help,

Omeka Classic does not have multilingual support. People have made some creative modifications to the code to simulate multilingual features, but it requires some technical proficiency. A search feature that you describe could work if you describe an item using both English and Spanish. Someone had similar questions a few years ago: Bi/multilingual toggle plugin?

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