Assets Organization and Control

Would it be possible to make the “Assets” panel organize-able with a collapse-able file heirarchy system much like organizing files in a file manager on a computer? Or a web example could be the Boards and Sections on Pinterest. A software example could be Adobe Lightroom’s Collection and Category organization system. This way, it would be much easier to find things if you have a massive “Assets” panel. Especially if there are multiple sites stemming from the same Admin page that may not all use the same Assets. If there was some file heirarchy, you could group things by site to keep the “Assets” panel tidy. If a collapse-able file heirarchy isn’t possible, what about custom ordering? That way we can move things into groups for easier finding.

It would also be nice to have more control over the “Assets” panel. Other options such as changing the number of items per page and show/not show Alt Text would be good additions as well.**There is also an option to sort by ID, but do Assets have an ID? Something to add to the “Add new asset” would be a warning for what the size limit is if there is a limit (instead of just saying it’s too big), adding some basic metadata (such as suggested here: Assets with metadata - #2 by jflatnes), or adding a class and/or ID. I feel like if we were able to add a class or ID to an Asset, it would be an easy step to then make a [shortcode] to be able to call that Asset: for instance as a default image placeholder. That way, if you need to use the same placeholder for 200 items, it doesn’t fill up the media list with 200 of the same image.

A small piece of what you talked about here, putting the size limit up front when uploading assets, was something we’d already done a little while ago and will be in the forthcoming 4.1.0 release.

On one other point, I want to clarify that you don’t need to upload a new asset every time you want to use it as a thumbnail (or any other use); you can pick from the already-uploaded assets also. So using the same image for 200 items doesn’t require you to have 200 copies of that asset uploaded.

How can I assign an asset as a thumbnail for an item? When I go into the media tab, there is not an “Asset” option. Previously, I’ve used the “URL” option, and copy/pasted the address and title of the image I put in the Asset folder; but then it creates a media item of the image, so I end up with 200 of the same image in my /admin/media list. Am I doing something wrong?

ps-- it would be cool if someone could create a module that assigns thumbnails based on parameters starting with “if no media”, then–> look at gender, or class name.

There’s an “Advanced” tab for items, and in there there’s a “Thumbnail” option which lets you upload or choose an asset from the list.