Assets with metadata

I wonder if I could assign any set of metadata to assets. Assets are objects that are outside the items structure. Now within the asset I can only complete the alt text, but need to have freedom in building a metadata schema for them. Is it possible to simply allow assets to have all this metadata building tools as in the items and items media?

Assets are intended to pretty much be just files, and the metadata system doesn’t apply to them. Files with the option for full metadata would be Media in the Omeka S systems. There’s no simple option for you to add or enable metadata for them, either.

I’m interested to hear a little about the use case you have for asset metadata, if you’d like to share it.

We have some static pages in the portal and want to add images to them with some caption (date, source, author). We do the same in another view containing items and media - so we want to reuse the same component for displaying the caption.

I have the same use case in editorial site pages: some users want to add assets with the alt-text, a legend, a date and a copyright. It’s possible to do it via the block asset of the module BlockPlus, but it may be simpler to add two or three common metadata directly to assets.
Furthermore, they want to be able to add non-image files, for example the pdf of an article to be downloaded or a video, but only images are managed.

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